Shimano to step up pursuit of counterfeit sellers

Shimano has announced that it will become more aggressive in defending its intellectual properties, acknowledging that counterfeit goods bearing its branding, or likeness, have caused issues in the marketplace.

In a statement published this week the components giant will address what it says is a detriments not only to the end-user who may be buying without knowledge of the fake, or worse, suffering safety hazards as a result of differing quality control; but also to its business partners.

ShimanoThe following steps are now laid out for action:

  • Shimano will provide information to the relevant authorities to facilitate administrative and criminal investigations against counterfeit goods manufacturers and distributors.
  • The business will deliver warnings and civil lawsuits against counterfeit goods manufacturers and distributors.
  • Shimano will provide information to customs authorities to facilitate crackdowns on counterfeit goods.
  • It will request the removal of counterfeit goods from e-commerce websites.
  • Further clear warnings will provide warnings to consumers and retailers.

Furthering the effort to protect its IP and differentiate from fakes, new packaging will be adopted that utilises materials that are hard to replicate. This will filter through from May of this year.

Alongside, a new Shimano Product Authentication smartphone app will be developed in order assist in product verification. This will have functionality that functionality that will create a warning should a barcode be scanned repeatedly.

Adorned to the new packaging will be a new double-layered QR Code, each embedded with a unique serial number. No two labels will be the same as a result of the label technology.

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