Fli Distribution picks up performance jockey wheel label Nova Ride

Fli Distribution has inked a distribution deal with French engineered Nova Ride, a maker of ceramic jockey wheels.

Stock is already available to potential stockists, with Fli happy to set up prospective dealers quickly in a bid to grow the brand’s UK presence.

Ben Dransfield at Fli told CI.N: “Nova Ride are focussed on growing the brand and have been upscaling production year-on-year since launch. This mutes the complications that have come with Brexit and companies outside of the EU.”

The key performance claim of the ceramic system is the weight saving. The carbon fibre cage is only 72 grams for the Shimano version and 78 grams from the SRAM option. The brand’s main attraction, says Dransfield, is the ceramic oversized jockey wheels that can save a rider up to five watts thanks to the more obtuse chain angle and super slick ceramic bearings.

“It goes without saying that more colour and carbon is always a positive. Nova Ride also has a range of jockey wheels which you can use to replace your current wheels in a standard cage all of which are easy to install at home,” he adds.

For the dealer the minimum order quantity is three products with no follow up MOQ. Dealers also then have the option to use FLi to dropship Nova Ride products. In terms of POS, because Nova Ride is such a new brand there is currently no display stands offered to dealers, “but they are in the process of developing them,” we’re told.

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