Frog Bikes opens Ocean, NJ headquarters, recruits Chris Carroll to manage US expansion

Welsh children’s cycling brand Frog has announced the opening of sales and distribution in the US with the establishment of Frog Bikes Inc., headquartered in Ocean, NJ.

Debuting at Interbike, Frog will introduce dealers in the United States to its range of bikes tailored to ages 2 to 14.

“Frog has over 900 independent bike dealers throughout Europe that carry our product and we expect to increase that number dramatically with our entry in to the U.S.,” Jerry Lawson, CEO at Frog said.

Frog Bikes Inc. will be run by Chris Carroll, an industry veteran with 20 years’ of experience in sales and distribution in the US.

On sale via independent bike dealers around the world, Frog is now looking to recruit a network of shops for its bikes. Having worked with researchers at the Brunel University, the brand’s backers have invested in conducting bike-fitting analysis normally only reserved for adult riders in a bid to produced the best possible bike line for a child’s developing years.

The outcomes of this research include a unique crank design with reduced Q factor to make riding more comfortable for kids with a narrower pelvis than adults. The improved cranks convert more of a child’s energy into forward motion. Frog has also developed easier to reach brake levers, changes to drop and reach, and to the seat-post angle – all of which improves comfort on the bike.

Dealers interesting in the brand can swing by booth #12054 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Centre this week.