Fully Charged welcome 100 visitors to eCargo Bike Summit

Independent specialist eBike retailer Fully Charged, saw 100 visitors join its eCargo Bike Summit on 15 September. The summit showcased both the benefits of eCargo Bikes for Business and raising awareness for the Energy Saving Trust’s eCargo Bike Grant Fund. The event was held at Fully Charged’s eCargo Bike Showroom in London Bridge

The event included keynote speeches about the benefits of eCargo Bikes for Business, the eCargo Grant Fund and how you can apply, as well as discussions by eCargo experts surrounding the dilemma faced by our urban centres and how sustainable transport solutions can play a part in the outcome.

Dan Parsons, Fully Charged Founding Partner said: “The success of the scheme and the benefits to our cities and the environment are unquestionable. It’s really exciting to be able to help take more cars and vans off the roads.”

Rachel Swiatek, Programme Manager, Energy Saving Trust, said: “eCargo bikes are an attractive low carbon transport option and are growing in popularity for local deliveries and business operations. The eCargo Bike Grant Fund provide businesses with a transformative opportunity to make lasting changes to how they transport goods.”

Fully Charged are now offering businesses interested in running eCargo bikes as part of its transport solutions the chance to gain advice from eCargo experts, booking consultations and test rides with the team in either London or at Silverstone.

All keynote speeches from the event will be made available this week on Fully Charged’s Youtube Channel. The first video is available here.

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