Gazelle wins iF Design Award for Grenoble C7+ HMB Elite

Gazelle has won an iF Design Award in the ‘Product’ category for its electric Grenoble C7+ HMB Elite.

Taking place in Hannover, the awards are held annually by the iF International Forum Design GmbH, with this year seeing over 6,400 entries from 50 countries.

67 jury members, made up of independent experts from across the globe, commended Gazelle’s Grenoble C7+ HMB Elite for its balance and comfort: “Balance and comfort are keywords for the Elite. The battery integrated into the frame not only ensures simple and safe mounting and dismounting but also offers better weight distribution and hence optimal handling on the road.

“Safety also plays an important role, which is why this bicycle features the newest version of the innovative Fendervision lighting. The powerful LEDs can be seen not only from the front and back but from the sides as well, thus providing additional safety. What’s more, the lighting is stylishly integrated into the fender. The comfortable sitting position, the design and all the components together create an optimal biking experience. With the Elite, function and design go hand in hand.”

The iF Design Award has been a recognised hallmark of high quality and excellent design for 66 years. The organisation bestows awards in the following categories: Product, Packaging, Communication and Service Design/UX, Architecture and Interior Architecture and Professional Concept. All winning entries are included in the iF World Design Guide and the iF design app. They are also exhibited at the iF design exposition in Hamburg.

Last year,  Gazelle also won another prestigious German Design Award for its Ami C8 HMS e-Bike, with judges praising the bike’s low step height and comfortable seating position.

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