GDPR compliant mailshot services with free setup for ACT members


As GDPR day fast approaches many businesses are only now starting to realise their hard-earned mailing lists will be rendered useless after May 24th (GDPR Day) until the painstaking task of re-signing all non-compliant subscribers is complete.

Moreover, thanks to the new data protection regulations all newsletters, even B2B, need to comply with a whole host of new rules, if the originators are not going to risk fines of up to 4% of global turnover, or £20 million.

Of course, it’s highly unlikely anyone other the very biggest offenders are going to see such fines imposed. Nonetheless, it is widely expected that GDPR violation chasing solicitors are readying themselves for brisk business over the coming months and years, so it makes sense to get ahead of the game.

May 4th, 2018 sees the official launch of Mailshot Monkey, a new newsletter service, designed to help you continue to connect with your mailing list subscribers once GDPR kicks in.

The new service offers the tools to take your subscribers through a simple re-consent process, manage new subscriptions, create stunning newsletters and distribute them via the Mailshot Monkey mail servers. And then handle all bounces, unsubscribes and SPAM complaints automatically, while giving you full reporting, in real-time.

Although the new service isn’t aimed exclusively at the bike trade, it does have very close ties with it. The team behind Mailshot Monkey is Caffeine Injection; a growing online services agency headed up by industry long-timer Steve Baskerville, who until 2016 owned and managed his own bike shop and stand-alone cycle repair business.

Baskerville takes up the story: “Caffeine Injection manages newsletters for bike shops as part of our wider portfolio of services. With GDPR coming we immediately spotted a gap in the market: The bulk email (newsletters) sector is dominated by a handful of players who are not ideally suited to the less tech-savvy small business. So, using our bike shop clients as the guinea-pigs, we built Mailshot Monkey to fill the gap.”

Baskerville’s background in the bike trade not only gave the Mailshot Monkey development team an operational edge but a unique insight how to cater to the small, often time poor, business.

“Bike shops, like most small businesses, are run by people who are not much interested in things like websites and newsletters. They accept they need them, but don’t want to be too involved. Our goal is always to offer services that don’t add to the workload but lessen it while providing a level of support that goes above and beyond,” says Baskerville.

He continued: “With Mailshot Monkey I know we’ve got a great service that takes all the guesswork out of GDPR & newsletters at an unbeatable price”.

The Mailshot Monkey service is only £5 per month for those who want to build their mailing lists or £15 per month for those who also want to send out regular GDPR compliant newsletters. They also offer a fully managed newsletter service from only £50 per month.

What’s more, if you’re an ACT member, the setup is entirely free.

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