German road legislation adapted to suit modernisation of bikes and e-bikes

The German Federal Council has made amendments to Road Traffic Licensing Regulations that cement legal equality on the road for bicycles and electric bikes.

In revamping the rules to assess the modern functionality of bicycles, rules have also been amended to allow bicycle headlights and taillights to be equipped with additional functionality, including daytime running, driving lights, direction-of-travel indicators and brake lights.

“The ZIV welcomes the amendments adopted by the Federal Council in the StVZO. In the future, the suppliers of bicycles, e-bikes and lighting equipment will be able to offer customers a whole range of new functions which contribute to an increase in comfort and safety, “said Siegfried Neuberger, CEO of ZIV, a national interest group representing the cycling world in Germany.

For more detail on the legislation tweaks, head here.

Pictured at the lead of this story is a multi-purpose unit dubbed the Hexagon which builds in indicators, brake lighting and a camera, among other features.