Greg LeMond partners ORNL for “50%+ cheaper carbon” technology

Greg Lemond has reportedly signed a licensing partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy’s ORNL carbon fibre technology facility to bring forward what is described as a “significant development” for the industry.

Utilising a new breakthrough process, now CEO of LeMond Connie Jackson says the Oak Ridge National Laboratory has developed a means to reduce production cost by over 50% relative to the lowest cost industrial grade carbon available at present.

With implications beyond bicycles, LeMond Composites reportedly has eyes for the renewable energy, infrastructure and transportation markets.

The business is in the process of expanding the campus building at the recently purchased 103 Palladium Way Oak Ridge address, a facility across the way from the ORNL’s main Carbon Fibre Technology Facility.

The new method is also said to reduce energy consumption by as much as 60%, a long-term goal of many working with the stiff but lightweight material.

Performance-wise, the researchers are suggesting that, despite its lower cost, the end result delivers mechanical properties far in excess of high-grade carbon tech currently found in the market.

Jackson and several of the ORNL staff came on board with LeMond Composites earlier in 2016.

Product is expected to come to market in Q1 of 2018.