Herrmans invest in new production units and strengthen staff force

Herrmans has invested in new production units and strengthened its staff force to meet demand and customer’s needs. This includes a newly appointed Inhouse sales Manager & Marketing lead and a long-time experienced Product Manager

Herrmans new production units include a  unit for grip manufacturing, a production unit for front and rear lights and brackets and finally, a new production unit for an automated cobot cell. The automated cobot cell will produce the new front-light family, Nordic, and other lights in the future. The cobot works together with the human hand to make a smooth and more efficient workflow. The next step is that other frontlights are assembled already in the moulding step.

Smaller investments have also been made by Herrmans in a bid to keep the machine park stable and represent the latest technology. For example, a new surface grinding machine. The purpose of this machine is to speed up service and development of the tools used in production.

Andreas Wiklund, Production and Supply Director said: ”Bicycling has been increasing over the past years, and now with a new found speed. Our vision is to contribute to the biking movement with highly valued bicycle components and customer support. Now our customers need us, so we have set out to do whatever we can to improve availability and perform to our best availability.”

To meet its customers and the markets needs in best possible way, Herrmans has also appointed Tina Gäddnäs as the new Inhouse Sales Manager and Markeing Lead. Gäddnäs has more than 14 years experience in the Herrmans Nordic Lights Group and 9 years experience at Herrmans Bike Components Ltd and is therefore highly trained in customer care, communication and Herrmans products. She began her new role as of 1 December 2020.

In addition, Sebastian Wedhorn has been appointed as Herrmans Bike Components Product Manager from 1 January 2021. Wedhorn has a long-established experience in bike business with previous posts in Giant Germany, SKS Germany and latest in Fahrrad-XXL.