Hiplok partners London’s new free to hire bike scheme

Hiplok has become the official security partner of London’s new BuzzBike scheme – a platform that allows people to hire bikes free of charge in exchange for cycling to work (and displaying advertising…)

The security label was approached by the hire scheme, which has created quite a … buzz… on the web lately, having hit the national pressbuzzbike

Hiplok co-founder, Ben Smith, commented: “We were delighted when Buzzbike approached us about securing their bikes across London. We share the Buzzbike vision of more bike-filled streets and are pleased to be part of it.”

Looking to co-exist alongside London’s main hire bike scheme, the Buzzbike offers the chance to sling a leg over a Cooper Bikes build valued at £700.

The firm plans to launch fully in September with a fleet of 200 bikes. The catch? You must work in Shoreditch, cycle to work at least 12 times a month and you’ll have to leave a £100 deposit. A bluetooth chip tracks the cyclist’s usage.

Buzzbike CEO and Founder, Tom Hares said of the security partnership: “In making Buzzbike work, it’s important we give the riders the best bikes and equipment. Securing the bikes is vitally important to the success of Buzzbike and the Hiplok DX was the obvious choice as it offers maximum security but is an easy lock to carry so won’t compromise the enjoyment of the ride and like all Hiplok locks, it looks great too!”

The DX locks are Gold Sold Secure rated and feature a 14mm hardened steel shackle with
maximum strength anti-rotation dual-locking tabs. Each lock features Hiplok’s patent pending Clip + Ride system allowing it to be carried easily on belts and bag straps.

Hiplok also recently launched a number of other items alongside the DX, which you can read about here.