2pure partner with Nuun for UK & Ireland distribution

2pure has announced its exclusive partnership with Nuun for UK and Ireland distribution.

Kevin Rutherford, Nuun CEO, said: “We’re so excited to join forces with 2pure to expand our impact and inspire more muuvment through better hydration in the UK and Ireland.”

George Bowie, Founder of 2pure said: “Having always admired Nuun for their pioneering work in developing the hydration category, it is a real privilege to get the opportunity to work with the brand. We are excited by the challenge of educating the consumer on the benefits of Nuun, to drive the demand not just for sport, but for improving hydration and wellbeing in everyday life.”

2pure’s multi-channel distribution model across Cycle, Run, Outdoor, Grocery and Pharmacy provides the expertise and relationships to continue the mission of Nuun.

Nuun began as one of the first companies to separate electrolyte replacement from carbohydrates and has become a key product for more and more people in the UK.  2pure is excited to expand the UK product offering and growth into new marketplaces, including offering a direct-to-consumer platform for the UK which will launch in May 2021.

2pure will reach out to all current Nuun stockists to offer support during the distribution transition. For trade enquiries and if would like to become a stockist, please contact the sales team at trade@2pure.co.uk or call 0131 449 4147.