Hope planning new road crank and six-pot calipers

HopeTech has shown prototypes of a new road and cyclocross-suited crank, as well as an e-bike and downhill ready six piston brake.

The RX crank prototype on show at Eurobike utilises hollowed CNC machined arms and a 30mm aluminium axle. Compatibility is thus far lined up for BSA, BB86, BB30, PF30, BB386 and BBright.

Back on April 1st Magura joked about bringing a six-piston disc brake forward. Fast forward a few months and Hope is toying with the idea, but only for heavy applications like downhill and electric bike use.

Though not an imminent launch, the V61 utilises a Tech 3 master cylinder and a 223mm rotor. What’s more, the caliper float is built into the chassis itself.