Hotlines add USWE to UK distribution portfolio

Hotlines has announced that USWE has joined its extensive portfolio for the distribution of its full bike and run ranges to the UK.

USWE make bounce free action backpacks, its mission being to design backpacks that can be worn in action whilst providing the perfect fit for all cyclists. USWE have worked with top athletes and more, redefining and developing its design since 2007.

The news follows USWE’s launch of two new running vests, the Pace™ 2 and 8. Karl-Johan Engdahl, USWE Founder, said: “The Pace™ 2 and 8 are a completely new development for our running vests. These are lighter, improved size range, more ergonomic, and made to go fast. The adjustable NDM™ Vest Harness System is designed to create a perfect fit on any body type, male and female, from a pro racer to an everyday running enthusiast. We’re confident that the Pace will be your go-to.”

Additionally, earlier this year saw Hotlines announce that Microshift has joined the distributor’s portfolio as it takes on exclusive distribution within the UK and Republic of Ireland.

USWE stock will be available from Hotlines from June onwards. Dealers interested in the brand can learn more at, or visit, e-mail or call 0131 376 1838.