Hotlines paints a “blank canvas” with Fuji, offering no MOQ and free shipping

Having signed Fuji’s distribution earlier this year Hotlines has today said the brand’s UK presence is a “blank canvas” for which any dealer can compete.

Welcoming new partners, Hotlines will offer the brand with no stock in requirements, no minimum order and free shipping on all bikes from today.

Additional benefits include increasing dealer margin with subsequent purchases, and credit terms for eligible accounts. A product refresh scheme is also offered, meaning that unsold bikes can be traded in for credit at the end of the season.

Those buying in ten or more bikes will become the exclusive dealer for their territory, according to the distributor.

Holtines are contactable on 0131 319 1444, or via the sales reps:

Graham (Northern Account Manager) – 07791 844 138
Rob (Southern Account Manager) – 07713 097 695