Guernsey electric bike subsidy scheme lasts under a month as popularity exhausts funding

A subsidy scheme available to residents of Guernsey has come to an end less than a month after starting because of its astonishing popularity.

A funding ceiling was applied to the scheme, which enabled buyers to redeem 20% of the cost, with the bike shop offering a further 5% off. However, because the subsidy offer was so popular – racking up 366 purchases – it has now been concluded pending the results of a follow up survey. a total of 147 purchases came in the first ten days live racking up £45,000 of the £100,000 limit. Five partner retailers – Adventure Cycles, CycleWorld, Ian Brown’s Cycles, Millards and AB Marine – got the lion’s share of sales.

The feedback of this study will be used by Guernsey’s Committee for the Environment and Infrastructure to determine whether the subsidy scheme has worked in order to change transport habits.

Is Guernsey is anything like North America, it may find that e-Bike riders are indeed ditching the private car en-masse.

“The Committee is ecstatic that so many people have taken the opportunity to buy an electric cycle. It is hoped the subsidy scheme will help reduce traffic congestion on our roads and help owners enjoy the many health benefits that come with increased activity,” said Barry Brehaut, president of the Committee.

“The anecdotal feedback we have heard from e-Bike users is that they are delighted with their new form of transport and are enjoying the freedom and ease of use that they bring, so we look forward to seeing the results of the surveys in the future.”

During the short trial the three top-selling brands were Raleigh, Scott and Wisper. Early data suggests nearly half (46%) of buyers were female and that bikes sold for between £650 and £3,000. The subsidy limit topped out at £375 per bike with a maximum of £75 funded by the bike shop’s margin.

Over the next twelve months buyers will complete three surveys on their ownership. Findings will be published here at a later date.