IBFI offering trainee bike fitters travel grants for education

The International Bike Fitting Institute has laid out plans to offer travel grants to trainee bike fitters touring the globe for educational purposes.

Available to those starting out in their career, IBFI-certified level one and two bike fitters qualify for the funding, running up to £500 (US$657/€561 at current rates). These grants apply for educational works anywhere in the world.

Awarded on an annual basis, the cash can be put toward travel or accommodation.

Andy Brooke, IBFI President, said: “The IBFI is committed to raising standards in bike fitting around the world, and training and education is key to fitters developing their skills and knowledge.

“We know that for some of our members, training opportunities are sparse in their home countries, and that the cost of travelling to other countries to take part in education events can make it prohibitive for many.

“We hope that with the development of the IBFI Travel Grant younger or less experienced fitters will find it easier to progress their skills and work their way up the IBFI’s certification levels.”

Applications for this year’s grants must be submitted by December 28th via email here. Decisions on those entitled to the financing will be made by an independent IBFI panel, with decisions due by mid-January.

More information on the grants, as well as the terms and conditions of the scheme, can be read here.

To learn more about the IBFI and what purpose it serves for the international bike fit community, check out our interview with Brooke here.