Import codes change for electric bike shipments

Bike Europe is reporting that the European Union’s CN code for electric bikes changed at the start of 2017, potentially leading to complications with shipments.

CN codes tie in with the level of custom duty paid, as well as being the mechanism used to flag up restrictions, bans, licensing and permits.

The CN code for the category “bicycles, tricycles and quadricycles¬†with pedal assistance, with an auxiliary electric motor with a continuous rated power not exceeding 250 watts” is now changed from 8711 90 10 to 8711 60 10.

Speed e-bike shipments are also affected, with the codes changing from 8710 90 10 to 8711 60 90.

For those shipping electric bikes, detail on the revised codes are now to be found for e-bikes and speed e-bikes here.

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