Kross acquires Dutch manufacturer Multicycle B.V.

Kross has taken over the shares and activity of Dutch producer Multicycle following a recent financial crisis for the manufacturer.

With Kross’s investment, production and continued sales of the brand’s bicycles is expected to recommence in the upcoming weeks. Some of the company’s employees have already gone back to work.

The acquisition gives Kross a reach into what it describes as an attractive market for urban bicycles. Already a producer of MTB, road, trekking, electric, urban and children bikes, Kross already had an annual production of 300,000 bicycles. The firm also exports to over 540 countries.

The firm has also recently announced an ambition to become present in the UK market.

Even though the new legal entity is not assuming the undertakings of the predecessor, the new owner of Multicycle is planning to activate dealer services, which will be available for new and existing customers.

Boasting to be Poland’s largest producer of bicycles, as well as a distributor with reach around Europe, Kross will now seek to expand the export business of Multicycle.