INMO launches open to all data share system to smooth omni-channel retail

Omni-channel software platform INMO has launched its new Data Hub service, at the same time welcoming Cube and the One Way Bike portfolio onboard, adding to the earlier addition of Kali.

The new Data Hub will allow a two-way share of information between brands like Cube and bike shops for accurate stock control and valuable business insights that will help both businesses to grow.

Any supplier can open a free account on INMO and upload their entire product catalogue to the platform. Once complete, INMO passes the product data to any integrated EPOS system or makes it available for download by any retailer with an INMO account. The benefit here is only having to manage product catalogue info in a single place ongoing which will aid data consistency across the retail network – the key to actually being able to deliver an omni-channel strategy.

Retailers wishing to share inventory or sales information with suppliers need simply sign up for a free account, opt-in to share data and INMO handles the rest, presenting it back to suppliers in a consistent and easy to interpret format.

This information allows better inventory management in partnership with the retailer and better information being made available on brands B2C sites to encourage footfall to retailers and allowing true omni-channel service to be delivered if desired.
Once set up, brands and suppliers will benefit from instant efficiency improvements.

Both parties will share a single connection with INMO, overcoming the the current situation where all parties are trying to manage many separate connections in various formats.

“Any omni-channel strategy is built on consistent product data across all retailers and really robust digital infrastructure,” says INMO founder Will Miles.

“Without INMO, any supplier that wants to go omni would have to build their own version from scratch. INMO means they don’t have to worry, they have a solution that’s ready to go at a fraction of the cost and time”.

To read more about the platform, check in with our earlier article on the software’s launch here.

Suppliers or retailers interested in setting up a free account with INMO should email Miles here.