Laundry business invests £2.5 million in electric cargo bike fleet

In what will come to be one of the UK’s largest electric cargo bike fleets, Laundryheap will invest £2.5 million to add 200 vehicles to its fleet following successful trials.

The astonishing investment has electric cargo bike firm EAV as the main beneficiary of the cash outlay. The firm’s EAV2Cubed vehicle will form the basis of the eco-friendly laundry service offered to customers, for which a 24 hour collection and delivery turnaround is part of the firm’s USP.

Founder of Laundryheap, Deayn Dimitrov commented: “We first trialled the EAV2Cubed last year and it’s been a tremendous success for us. The operational efficiency of an eCargo bike in comparison to a van has become really easy to see and work with. Our EAV’s can move around cities almost twice as fast as vans and the fact that they make almost no environmental impact whatsoever gives us a much more carbon neutral status as a business.”

The cargo bike fleet will be delivered starting at the tail end of this year and run through 2022 and some units will be diverted to assist with expansion overseas in territories like the USA, Asia and Middle East. In the UK they are likely to be found in Birmingham, London, Manchester and Coventry.

Leo Bethell, EAV head of business partnerships, said: “Companies like LaundryHeap are perfect partners for us. They have environmental sustainability at the heart of their operations, but they need the highest levels of efficiency and performance to achieve their business objectives.

“Using eCargo bikes in urban environments is much more efficient and effective than vans, combustion engine or electric. We’re lighter and quicker and easier to operate.

“The fact that LaundryHeap has placed such a substantial order shows their commitment to the future of urban transport and their business which is going from strength to strength.”

EAV this week also secured an electric cargo bike trial with postal giant DHL, which will begin in Edinburgh, as well as earlier this year placing demo units with shopping giant Asda.

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