Leopard Tech secures £560K initial seed investment

Leopard Tech has announced that is has closed its initial seed investment round for its Leopard Lync solution after securing its target of £560k, since its launch only months ago.

The Leopard Lync solution is a combination of hardware, mobile application and an insight platform that enables any bicycle to become a smart, connected bike. It can also be customised and white labelled to client’s requirements, providing increased brand awareness, customer service and marketing opportunities.

Jia Mi, Managing Director, said: “After securing our first contract with a leading European bicycle manufacturer with the plan to launch this summer and now to close our initial seed round so soon after is making for an extremely exciting and promising start to Leopard Tech’s journey. We are currently in advanced discussions with some of Europe’s best-known bicycle and accessory brands and expect to see smart features becoming common place on all bicycles very soon.”

The next round of fundraising has already been discussed with investors. For more information on Leopard Tech and the solution, visit: www.leopardtech.co.uk

Leopard Tech previously announced the launch of its new antitheft, tracking and connectivity solution. The group has spent the last year working with a European bicycle manufacturer to create the Leopard Lync, in a bid to combat bicycle theft.