Like what we do? Stay in tune with our new preference centre

CyclingIndustry.News is undertaking a drive to improve the way we handle your information ahead of a change in data regulations coming into force later this Spring.

We want to ensure that your time with us is fruitful so your new preference centre will now enables you to fine tune exactly what you receive from CI.N; whether it be alerts to the latest job vacancies, or simply the news and promotional material your receive. It’s your choice what you’d like to see from us.

We realise that your inbox can at times overflow so we remain committed to providing you with just two news driven email alerts per week, excluding breaking stories deemed to be of significance, as well as the option to subscribe to a trade job vacancy email once every two weeks. From time to time preferred clients of ours will choose to send out relevant direct offers to our database of trade professionals. You are welcome to opt in or out of any of the aforementioned alerts.

All of which can be updated through your personal preference centre.
These improvements to our service apply even if you’ve only recently signed up to receive our alerts and modification will take just a moment to tailor to your needs.
We value each and every one of our readers and want to ensure you’re satisfied with the service we deliver. To fine tune your feed Click here

New readers are able to subscribe here, whilst existing recipients of our mailing would have already received an email this morning as part of this drive. Additionally, as an existing recipient, you’re able adjust their preferences at the base of each email we send as of today.