New MET Estro & Veleno Helmet models available at Raleigh

Raleigh has announced the addition of the new MET range to its portfolio, including the new ESTRO MIPS, VELENO MIPS and VELENO models. Raleigh signed a distribution deal with MET in early 2020.

ESTRO MIPS is a versatile road helmet ready for your longest day on the bike, the Estro Mips boasts a remarkable price to feature ratio.

This helmet features 26 vents working in synergy with the internal air channelling system. The MET Safe-T Upsilon retention system ensures no pressure points on the skull. The front side of the helmet features two dedicated ports for securely docking sunglasses while resting or climbing.

The increased head coverage on this model ensures a higher level of protection around the two most sensitive brain areas: the back and the temples. The shell is also fully covered by polycarbonate durability in avoiding any exposed EPS surfaces to outdoor conditions. Featuring the MIPS-C2® brain protection system, the MET Estro Mips is able to slide relative to the head in the event of a crash, redirecting damaging rotational motion. MIPS is a brain protection system—engineered to add protection to the standard construction of helmets in case of certain impacts. The MIPS Brain Protection System (BPS) is attached inside the helmet, between the comfort padding and the EPS.

The VELENO & VELENO MIPS helmet is adaptable to tarmac and gravel roads alike. It features a versatile visor and a fully polycarbonate wrap to avoiding any exposed EPS surfaces to outdoor conditions.

Featuring the same engineering of sunglasses slots, ventilation, and comfort features of the Estro, it has additional versatility.

The Veleno Mips model, features the MIPS-C2® brain protection system ensuring the utmost safety for riders.

The line is available to purchase now through the Raleigh B2B!

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