microSHIFT unveils top end MTB group ADVENT X, with “no weird new standards”

MicroSHIFT has created a brand new MTB group set, ADVENT X. Said to be lighter than XT, with no proprietary hub or chain, the 10 speed 11-48T range group also includes an all new super comfy shifter, the brand said.

The aim was to create a new high performance drivetrain with light weight and wide range, without “a bunch of weird new standards” or proprietary parts.

Eschewing 13 speeds or a 54T cog, microSHIFT opted to slim things down amid modern drivetrains adding complexity and weight. The ADVENT X cassette comes with 10 evenly spaced gears (so no shifting twice to find the right gear) and an 11-48T range, all at 424g.

While hammering home the point no new standards have been introduced in the making of this group, microSHIFT went on to explain that its all new Trail Trigger Pro shifter places control where the thumb wants it, so riders don’t have to compromise their grip to shift. An integrated silicone traction pad combines with the brand’s signature “light and clicky” lever action.

In terms of reliability, microSHIFT explained it used its own reliable ADVENT 9 speed platform and upgraded everything, using the patented ratchet-and-pawl clutch, full metal construction and “create comforts” like metric hardware for hassle-free setup.

Finally, ADVENT works with normal hubs and chains, has a wide range cassette and dialed shifter and is lightweight. There are more details online.