MilKit Booster tyre inflator recalled

The MilKit Booster tubeless tyre inflator has been recalled over a safety concern with the valve under pressure.

UK distributor Madison has asked shops and owners to stop using the product immediately while an investigation is underway. It is said that a production error on the first batch could mean that, when under pressure, part of the valve can come away from the body at great speed, potentially putting users and those around them at risk.

A Madison statement reads:

Before the milKit tubeless booster products were released to market, we subjected them to the latest state of the art safety tests, no problems were encountered. We are checking whether the problems are caused by a manufacturing defect or appliance failure.

However, in order to exclude any risks, we would like you to stop using all milKit boosters and contact the retailer of your milKit booster in order to follow the product recall.

The MilKit bottle is recommended to be loaded to 160psi and can be loaded with air by a regular track pump enabling repeat use. the head of the device is designed to thread on to a standard SIGG-style water bottle.

Those returning the device will be issued a refund or replacement. Madison are contactable with enquiries on via email here.