Milkit’s £24.99 Booster now available via Madison

Having enjoyed success on Kickstarter, Madison will now carry Milkit’s Booster, a product said to eliminate the headaches of tubeless tyre installation.

At just £24.99, the innovative system is one of the smaller tubeless inflation systems you’ll find on the market, meaning it’ll comfortably come along for the ride to repair some of the more catastrophic mountain mishaps.

What’s more, the kit can work with a standard aluminium drinking bottle, potentially getting cyclists out of a bind with kit they may already be carrying. Milkit does however have it’s own specially designed canister, available in two sizes.

The Booster is, like other systems, inflated simply with a standard track pump. It’s the delivery where Milkit claims the Booster comes out head and shoulders above other systems. The system has no additional hoses or valves, something that the firm says makes the system a much more efficient design than bulkier competing products.

Milkit’s co-founder Pius Kobler said: “We often heard this milKit system is awesome, but can’t you also find an easy solution to the one problem remaining with tubeless tires: inflating them without having to use a compressor? The Booster solves this.”