Mr Crud launches full front mudguard, the XL Fender

Mr Crud has launched the XL Fender, a full front mudguard that boasts a soft deformable nose so it cannot clog up with mud.

Fitting all front suspension forks in a matter of seconds, and without tools, the XL Fender is the latest from the creator of the milestone product Crudcatcher, which has sold in the region of two million to date.

Mr Crud aka Pete Tomkins told CI.N: “It has become clear to us recently that the new forkbrace-mounted fenders have cut into our market share. Our new XL is a response to this. We have designed something that cannot clog, no matter how thick the mud.  It uses re-usable UV-proof stretchy 0-rings to fit totally securely to the fork legs. Fits in literally 30 seconds with a little practice.

“You can run it close to the tyre for rainy conditions, or raise it much higher for thick clingy mud. It’s made out of ABS-TPU, both materials are excellent for recycling.”

The XL Fender is available to retailers to retailers in the New Year – for more details click here.

We’ve got more on the XL Fender and in the next edition of CyclingIndusry.News, out at the start of the New Year.