Muc-Off launches e-Bike specific cleaning range

Muc-Off has released a range of cleaning, protection and lubricant products specifically for e-Bikes.

The Dry Wash and Dry Chain Cleaner allow e-Bikes to be cleaned, de-greased and detailed whilst taking away the need to rinse with water, a critical feature when washing electrical components. The Wash is non-sticky and powder-free, cleaning and polishing in one application, while the ‘zero-residue’ Dry Chain Cleaner is safe on all chain types and rubber belt drives.

Ultra Corrosion Defence protects a bike’s metal surface and battery, and removes rust. For use after washing, it is ideal for protecting battery terminals and casings as it is resistant to hot, cold and salt water, and lasts up to 12 months.

The All Weather, Ceramic Wet and Dry Weather lubes have been developed to withstand the high torque lubes that are put through an eBike chain keeping your e-Bike running smoother for longer. For long-distance all-weather on and off-road riding, the high-performance synthetic formulation gives maximum protection.

Higher torque loads put more strain on an e-Bike’s drivetrain, so Muc-Off have formulated a specific e-Bike lube range which includes a unique e-Bike lubricity additive pack. Containing Boron Nitride compounds, the lubes offer corrosion protection and are highly efficient in terms of friction reduction, creating a ceramic coating for durability and long-distance performance.

The range includes: a Ceramic Dry Weather e-Bike Lube, a Ceramic Wet Weather e-Bike Lube and a synthetic All Weather Chain Lube, each designed handle tough conditions and high torque loads.

Muc-Off Managing Director, Alex Trimnell said: “We’ve been serious about launching an e-Bike range for years but our passion for innovating products that genuinely solve problems meant that we were only prepared to come to market once we had a range that we knew was useful and relevant for e-Bike riders. Every product in the Muc-Off e-Bike range is unique and different from our core range and has been developed to meet the real needs of e-Bike riding.”

Muc-Off exceeded a £10 million turnover in 2017, forecasting a continuation of the trend this year.

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