Muc-Off reveal new Anti Odour Spray

Muc-Off have announced the launch of its new Anti Odour Spray, to keep riders and their kit smelling fresh. The spray also aims to increase the longevity of kit.

Alex Trimnell, CEO at Muc-Off said: “Nobody likes stinking kit! That’s why we are stoked to eb able to find a new way to freshen up your riding equipment. Our new Anti-Odour Spray works on all types of kit. People often forget that rider care is just as important as bike care!”

The new spray contains SILVERPLUS® silver ion technology, which works by releasing the silver element in the formula onto the fabric. The silver releases positive ions to attach to the negative ions of bacteria, which prevents the dreaded odour-causing bacteria from developing. It’s ideal for removing odour from helmet liners, body armour, shoe lining, gloves, pads, boots, shoes, synthetic fibre or any other textiles that come into contact with your skin and start to smell over time.

Muc-Off Anti Odour Spray is suitable to use on leather, suede, cotton, polycotton, softshell, technical fabrics and synthetics – while providing freshness for up to ten washes before another spray treatment is needed.

Muc-Off Anti Odour Spray comes in a 250ml bottle and retails at £11.99/€17.99. The spray is available now at and selected retailers.