Nine bikes pinched from builder Pace Cycles

UK bike label and suspension service experts Pace Cycles have been the victim of a theft of nine bikes, including a handful of customer bikes.

Writing on the firm’s Facebook page, managing director Adrian Carter outed his frustrations:

“As you read this the ‘street’ value of the nine bikes stolen from Pace Cycles last (Monday) night will no doubt being injected into some low life’s veins. Doesn’t it make you angry that the beautiful machines we create and cherish mean nothing but another fix to these chavs.

“Well screw you, buster, because we’ll enjoy a deeper high riding the bikes we’ll build to replace those you stole and find more satisfaction in grafting and building our dream trip than you’ll ever know. Busting down someone’s door and taking away customers and stock bikes we’ve all worked hard to fund shows what lazy twa*s you are. Get out and work for a living. With no Kind Regards, Adrian Carter.”

Should you spot anything suspicious you can call Carter on 01751 477737, or email