NuVinci Cycling rebadges as Enviolo, becomes independent to Fallbrook

As of January 1st, 2018, NuVinci Cycling will be renamed as Enviolo.

Announced by parent Fallbrook Technologies, from which it is to now semi-independently operate, the seamless shift gearhub maker has been accelerating its bicycle business trade, telling CI.N at Eurobike that it now serves over 100 OEMs.

“Our journey since 2007 has been incredible! Our stepless and automatic products have captured OEMs, dealers, and consumers by offering a riding experience like no other. We have grown into a very relevant business with many more opportunities to explore. Now, we are ready to embark on our next chapter – as Enviolo,” said David Hancock, the managing director of the cycling business.

Not limited to cycling, the stepless and automatic shifting tech has found its way into automotive applications, most notably scooters and other e-mobility solutions.

Product under the Enviolo banner is expected to trickle through from model year 2019. Five new groupsets debuted at Eurobike targeting city, trekking, cargo, sportive and commercial uses.

Speaking there, retail marketing manager Niels van der Steen told CI.N that the business continues to invest heavily in training across Europe, as well as enhancing the capability of its Netherlands service facility. An Experience Partner Program is now available to those interested in becoming destinations for the brand’s goods.