NuVinci surges past 100 OEM customers as e-bike trade accelerates

Stepless transmission experts NuVinci have surpassed 100 OEM customers, with 90% of those speccing the firm’s unique offering cladding the firm’s hubs to electric bikes.

Speaking to CyclingIndustry.News, retail marketing manager Niels van der Steen said: “With both bike share and the acceleration of the electric bike market we have driven our customer numbers north of 100. On the back of this increasing business we have invested in service centres in France, Switzerland and the Netherlands, as well as bolstering our Chinese production.”

Having scooped bike share business with Motivate, NuVinci’s N330F hubs will be specced to all of New York’s hire bikes in the near future, taking the low maintenance stepless gear change technology to the masses. The N330F have gained popularity with bike share schemes due to the one year warranty offered, something that isn’t necessarily the standard for public hire bikes.

The firm has now addressed defect issues that saw 2016 post fairly flat growth, reducing the return rate on new lines to just 0.3%, something that van der Steen anticipates will see the firm return to growth in 2017. Between 2012 and 2015 the firm grew at a rate of around 30% per year.

Dealer training has further grown in recent times, with NuVinci training 700 dealers across eight locations in Benelux this year. In the near future this will be boosted to cover 20 locations, while webinars will be delivered every 5 months to assist education.