Orbea confirms for The Bike Place Show

Orbea will feature heavily at January’s Bike Place Show, the organisers have confirmed.

Choosing to dot booths around the show floor, as opposed to one large all in one showing, Orbea will have booths for mountain bikes, kids bikes, road and more.

Damian Hackett from Orbea UK said: “The Bike Place affords us the opportunity to meet with our customers and potential customers in an environment that is more relaxed than many other shows. It provides a place where we can chat and look at product without being interrupted by customers or the time demands of a busy bike shop. We will be dotted around the show with different categories in each location, meaning that our customers can see exactly what interest them, be it kids, eBikes, MTB, performance road or leisure, without being overwhelmed by a huge range.”

Still operating from the heart of the Basque County, Spain, Orbea originally retailed handguns in the 1840s, but thankfully it’ll just be bikes on show come January.

Trade members can now register for a free pass to The Bike Place show here.