Paper on what Trump administration may mean for the bicycle business available free to trade

A paper written by market analysts the Gluskin Townley Group and discussing the likely impact of the Trump presidency on the industry is to be largely free to anyone in the bicycle business.

Titled What the Trump Administration Means to the Future Of the American Bicycle Business, the ongoing report now consists of three sections covering the periods from 11 days, 25 days and 52 days after the election.

“What we can say for certain after the election – is the near-term future through the first quarter and into the second quarter of 2017 will be relatively uncertain – and uncertainty is never good for business. But it is just two months since the polls closed and a lot can happen between now and the inauguration later this month to eliminate uncertainty and improve overall confidence in the economy, as well as what the future for the bicycle business holds,” said Elliot Gluskin, the managing partner of GTG in making the announcement.

“Our decision to make the first three sections of this ongoing report available at no-charge to anyone in the bicycle business who is interested is based on our commitment to define and explain as much of the future as we can to help advocates, brands, suppliers and retailers do the strategic planning for their enterprises. We advise the American bicycle business not to plan on a significant uplift in sales during the first half of this year as the Trump Administration. During this period it will organise its trade, legislative and administrative agenda with the 115th Congress and legislation will be passed and signed into law that will implement the new government’s policies relative to taxes, infrastructure, trade and regulatory actions that will impact the economy, retail sales and the American bicycle business,” Gluskin added.

Jay Townley, a GTG partner and contributor to the report, added: “We believe the American bicycle business is going to have to adapt and change its strategy, methodology, and tactics to have its voice heard and its message and initiatives effectively communicated and accepted at all levels of the local, state and federal governance. It doesn’t matter if Donald Trump serves for one term or two because the political “system” and the political parties themselves have been forever changed by this election, and will be continually evolving going forward and as they effect the future of our business.”

You can inquire about the report here.

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