Pendix presents modular drive system for OEMs

Pendix has lifted the lid on a new OEM product which enables manufacturers to put to use a modular drive system that can double up for applications where a dual motor is useful.

Shown recently at the IAA Mobility event, the product expands the firm’s reach beyond consumer-facing retrofit kits and deeper into a product set better suited for manufacturers within the cycle and micromobility worlds.

Dubbed the eDrive-IN, the unit can be built around mechanical drivetrains, but also comes with a premium non-traditional drivetrain option that eliminates the need for chains, chainrings and other drivetrain components.

This premium option works via a generator found at the crank which feeds off the rider’s energy akin to the process of a dynamo. This pairs with a rear wheel drive into which power is fed alongside additional power from the mid engine. This system will sit happily in various wheel types.

With a modular installation the system’s ability to double up opens up a particularly useful set of options to cargo bike manufacturers that require the extra kick to carry large loads; all of this while offering up a distinct possibility to design without the heavyweight transmission links normally required. 60Nm of torque is delivered directly at the rear wheel(s).

That, says Pendix, has further advantages in terms of serviceability and in a spoked rim the rotor is not directly woven into the spokes. It is instead built in via an intermediate ring. A Pendix.Bike Pro app offers quick diagnosis and configuration for owners and manufacturers.

Manufacturers, including the likes of Velorbis, Muli and Thorn, have already begun integrating the system, which is compatible with a handful of third-party batteries.

Production takes place in Zwickau, Germany and component parts are said to be sourced in cooperation with local suppliers, something that promotes shorter lead times.