Pinion launches North American arm, debuts at Interbike Outdoor Demo

German bicycle gearbox business Pinion has entered the U.S. and Canadian market for the first time, offering the product to OEMs and consumers alike.

Having enjoyed early success in Europe the brand believes the North American market, with all the rugged riding on offer, to be the perfect fit for bikes minus derailleurs.

“Entering the US market has been an important topic for us for several years,” explains Pinion CEO Christoph Lermen. “Despite the different market segmentation in the USA and Canada compared to Europe, we believe that the requirements of a bicycle in North America, mainly in the USA, are generally the same as those in Europe: The customer wants a reliable bike that is fun to ride and reduces the typical maintenance and care.”

Up to now in the USA, bicycles with Pinion gearbox technology have been available through a handful of selected brands, including Co-Motion, REEB Cycles, Ventana, Viral, Carver, Lynskey and Tout Terrain.

In Europe, Pinion has partnerships with over 90 well-known OEMs such as Ghost, Stevens, Nicolai, Tout Terrain, Kalkhoff, Raleigh, Rose, MTB Cycletech and Idworx, among others.

The service processing of American OEM partners, dealers and end consumers will be handled by Pinion North America. Marc Seemann is the contact partner for sales and support. Pinion North America will be operated from Denver by the Gates Corporation.

The official launch of Pinion North America is Interbike’s Outdoor Demo at Bootleg Canyon from September 18th to 19th.