PORC trail centre’s Whisper Bikes closing as membership program introduced

Whipser Bikes, based at the Penshurst Off Road Centre, is set to close its doors, the shop’s Facebook page has announced.

Citing only new rules introduced by the owner to charge a flat membership fee, the shop posted: “We will be closing our shop doors for good at on Sunday the 25th of September!

“We can’t thank you all enough for all the support over the years! #wehadagoodrun

Posts suggest that a new location for the store may be sought.

The PORC Facebook page has subsequently announced that entry will now only be open to members at a rate of £120 a year for adults, £90 for students and £60 for children. Alternatively riders can pay £10 for a registration card as well as their usual fee on each visit.

Mike Westphal who manages the trail centre added: “We have had to implement this scheme in order to exclude a number of individuals who seem hell bent on destroying Porc.”

It is alleged that fireworks may have been set off on site, prompting the decision.