Rotor adds dual-sided power with 2INpowerDM Road

Rotor has for the first time added dual-sided power capability to its 2INpowerDM Road product, a line that also builds in capability for the brand’s new direct mount 12.5% ovalised chainrings (pictured right).

Providing individual power readings for both the left and right leg, the pairing to the firm’s famed Q rings will give riders a deeper analytical understanding of their efficiency in the saddle, all while dropping 60 grams in weight out of the direct mount chanirings over prior models. The system will now weigh 775 grams.

Rotor has badged the splined mount as ‘Optimal Chainring Position Mount Technology’, or in layman’s terms, a dead simple way to precisely position your customer’s sprockets to maximise pedalling efficiency.

A paired smart phone app can offer the rider real-time feedback on each leg’s metrics, from pedal stroke balance through to cadence, as well as detail on the distribution of power through the crank’s rotation.

The power meter product is to retail at €1,299. The new CNC machined chainrings will be sold in three sizes; 50-34, 52-36 and 53-39.

CI.N has learned of a number of product debuts from the brand, due for Eurobike, including an MTB adaptation of the hydraulic Uno groupset.

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