Saddleback adds Alchemy Bicycles, introduces custom programme

Saddleback will now offer the UK trade exclusive access to Alchemy Bicycle Co’s stock and bespoke carbon, ti and steel frame portfolio.

The Colorado frame builder has been producing bespoke builds since 2008 and following a strong period of sustained growth domestically, has now handpicked Saddleback to introduce the label to the UK market.

Alchemy’s founder, Ryan Cannizzaro, said: “At Alchemy our passion is in pushing the limits of how beautiful a bike can be, and simultaneously engineering how it can make every ride more enjoyable for the rider. In that pursuit, we surround ourselves with not only great brands, but great brands who love to ride. The team at Saddleback is nothing short of exceptional in everything they do. In our search for a UK distributor, there was no other partner who better embodied all that Alchemy is.”

 “When we decided that the time was right to add a truly bespoke American frame brand to our product portfolio, Alchemy was top of our list,” added Saddleback managing director, Andy Wigmore.

“One of our most valued partners, ENVE, was full of praise for what Alchemy has achieved and it is no surprise that the brand has quickly earned a strong reputation for being one of the finest frame builders in the world. It is going to be a great pleasure for Saddleback to drive this high-end brand in the UK marketplace so that it mirrors the enviable position it has in the US.”

Having perfected its carbon construction in 2010, the lightweight material now drives the brand’s business. The brand’s unique Techne-Craft construction process involves hand wrapping carbon sheets around meticulously aligned tube-to-tube connections, all but eliminating the need for joint filling compound. This results in light, lively frames that can be tailored to each customer’s desired ride characteristics.

It’s this technique – only achievable by hand – that saw the brand win the best carbon construction award at the 2012 and 2013 North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS). These accolades have seen the business grow its reputation globally and the business has been in the ascendancy ever since.

The Alchemy range has broadened over the last few years as the desire for stock frames has grown. The company now boasts four carbon, two titanium and two stainless steel road bikes; a carbon gravel racer; carbon, titanium and steel cyclocross frames; and two carbon mountain bikes.

In addition to the stock frame range, Alchemy offers a full custom programme which will be available in the UK via Saddleback.