Scott’s Spark and Scale shave weight in deep overhaul of carbon layups

Recently debuted at Eurobike’s Media Days, among other locations, Scott has been busy refining its carbon layups ahead of the release of the 2017 Scale and Spark frames.

Scott has been busy re-engineering its carbon, creating something that it calls Evo-Lap technology. In the creation of the the 2017 carbon frames, Scott’s engineers have been utilising finite element analysis to optimise the surface areas, simulate tube structures with differing ply orientations and as a result, manage the bikes stress distribution like never before.

Scott Spark scott

Starting with the full-suspension Spark, coming in at just shy of 1,750 grams with hardware, there’s a new rear triangle, vastly cutting down on the 18 separate parts of the prior generation. Constructed with a single left and right hand molded carbon part, less metal features, as do fewer joints and less hardware.

Adopting the new Metric shock sizing standard with a Trunnion mount, the shock body now extends between two lower mounting bolts, allowing more real estate for the suspension design. The net result is more stroke for the same space. In the Spark’s case, stroke on the 165mm eye to eye shock has increased from 38mm to 40/45mm. The Trunnion standard also offers structural advantages, as well as a reduction in stand over height, all while offering large water bottle clearance.

Moving on to the linkage and Scott has shaved 37 grams year-on-year, much thanks to a compression moulding process. Made in two-pieces, excess weight has been removed from the inside, minus any sacrifice in stiffness.

Another key refinement in the design comes in the form of a new brake mount. To allow the seatstays to flex freely as the suspension moves through the travel, Scott has introduced a brake mount anchored directly to the chainstay and the wheel axle. With this system the flex of the rear triangle is uninhibited.

The Spark frameset will allow clearance for 29-inch and 27.5+ wheels, with the Spark 700 and RC700 clad with the latter plus size tyres. In total, five builds are offered – The 700SL, RC 900, RC700, 900 Premium and 700 plus Tuned.

Scott Scale scott ht

Just 849 grams, Scott’s hardtail flagship benefits from much of the same in depth engineering and analysis, as well as an expanded platform of six models, offering 27.5+ and 29-inch wheel options. There’s additional Contessa Scale models, as well as E-Scale options too.

Again exploring the latest in carbon technologies, the Scale benefits from three grades of carbon fibre – MR70, HR40 and YS60 – combining to offer stiffness, strength and flexibility where required. Both 1x and 2x drivetrains are catered for with specific designs.

Riding comfort is critical in the design, with the Scale offering a high degree of flex in the seatpost and seat stays. Like the Spark, the Scale’s brake mount accounts for this movement and is thus built into the chain stay and thru axle.

Most exciting of all? Scott claim that they’ve achieved 47% more comfort over the prior generation, much thanks to clever carbon placement and all of this with no loss in stiffness.

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