See.Sense partners with British Cycling to improve UK biking conditions

See.Sense have announced they are to be the Official Bike Light Supplier of British Cycling, in a four-year partnership.

The company have also been chosen to be the Official Crowd-sourced Data and Insight Supplier to the organisation.

Founded in 2013, See.Sense create and manufacturer bike lights that are effective in daylight and night time, reacting to riskier moments such as at junctions or roundabouts by flashing brighter and faster. The See.Sense mobile app enables cyclists to customise their lights and receive low-battery, crash and theft alerts.

The patented sensor technology within the light monitors riding experience through detecting real-time information on collisions or near-miss events, road surface quality, journey flow, speed and dwell times. Riders can then choose to share these aggregated insights with British Cycling via the app.

British Cycling hope that the information gained from the app will help it to improve cycling conditions across the UK and guide national and local government on building better cycling infrastructure.

British Cycling members can receive an exclusive discount on See.Sense lights, by going to the membership page in their account.


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