Shift Up Podcast: Bike Law talks cyclists rights on the road and asks “are people turning to gravel instead?”

This week’s Shift Up Podcast, brought to you by bike shop marketing experts Shift Up Strategies, is now live on the homepage.

A topic that will close to any cyclists’ heart, this week’s discussion draws on the knowledge of two special guests, alongside host Arleigh Greenwald, who set to work on discussing cyclists’ rights on the road.

Fear of being hit while riding is widely considered to be the greatest barrier to introducing new people to cycling. On the back of prior episodes that have placed great emphasis on how the bike industry attracts new customers, the discussion with attorneys at Bike Law Ann Groninger and Charlie Thomas gives examples on why our collective voice is so important in helping make our roads safer for cycling.

“We are seeing a rash of crashes. As attorneys we try to help people who have been hit on their bike. More often that’s somebody who has never done this ( legal process) before. In talking with bike shops recently we’re seeing road bike sales decreasing perhaps in favour of gravel riding. The reason for that is they just don’t feel as comfortable on the road as they used to, or perhaps they’ve heard stories from friends. That makes me incredibly sad that people are being turned off road cycling because of safety fears,” starts Thomas when discussing the scene in Texas.

Greenwald and Groninger move on to discuss cycling’s public image, pointing to a number of highly regarded Nascar drivers who have recently shared their enthusiasm for cycling. This personalisation, it is discussed, may have a knock on effect for how people treat cyclists on the road.

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