Shift Up Podcast: Discussing the Dutch blueprint for cycling cities

This week’s Shift Up Podcast, which discusses cycling cities and the associated benefits of building for active travel, is now live.

Running at just shy of half an hour, our host Arleigh Greenwald this week sits down with the authors of “Building the Cycling City: The Dutch Blueprint for Urban Vitality” Melissa and Chris Bruntlett.

Melissa and Chris are also the founders of Modacity, Vancouver content creators who assist cities in becoming more multi-modal transport friendly, thus improve social and living conditions for citizens. Their day-to-day is essentially bike advocacy and that takes them both all over the world.

Having sold their car and switched entirely to alternatively multi-modal transport methods the pair soon discovered that they had a new found connectivity with their city and its people, something that inspires the pairs work.

Within the podcast it is stressed that political will to make meaningful change is the only way to bring about the shifts seen in cycling cities like Amsterdam; a formerly car-centric landscape that was regenerated to become one of Europe’s high modal share cycling hotspots.

Delivering their own tips on bike advocacy, Melissa and Chris share their experiences and call on the bike industry to develop a strategy to bring about wider change.

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