Shift Up Podcast: Trek talks over the evolution of bicycle safety technology

This week’s Shift Up podcast tackles what could very well prove the most important topic on the table; cyclists safety and the future of on the road relations as vehicles become autonomous.

Our guest this week is Eric Bjorling, Brand Manager of Trek Bicycles in the US who believes that there’s no time like the present to erase the ‘Us vs Them’ mentality on the roads.

With that in mind, Trek’s recent launch of new technology at CES, as developed alongside Tome and Ford is a focal point of discussion. For the uninitiated, the new bicycle to vehicle communications technology seeks to create a bridge between the automotive and cycling worlds and one that automates safety communications between road users.

“We’re looking to make this industry standard here. This is not something Trek is creating to be proprietary, this will not just communicate between Treks and Fords. We want every cyclist and every car brand has access. These are things we can do now. The future is more autonomous. It may be years in the future, but if we do this research and we do it right now it’s a much lower point of entry int he future,” explains Bjorling.

The chat moves on to the research and development of electric bikes and how certain safety measures may naturally fit within, as well as touching on how retailers can keep customers comfortable when talking over safety products.

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