Shimano hat-trick: New 12-speed Deore groupset, largest capacity e-Bike battery & new MTB components

The product development teams at Shimano have been busy with a set of three launches, revealed today, leading with the brand new 12-speed Deore groupset.

Shimano has released its latest 12-speed MTB groupset, the Deore M6100 series, alongside new 11-speed Shimano Deore M5100 and 10-speed Shimano Deore M4100 versions to bring premium technologies to a new price level. The M6100 series is moulded from the same DNA the top tier XTR, Shimano Deore XT and SLX mountain biking groupsets and is fully compatible with its more progressive companions so riders can pick their favourite setup to match their riding needs.

Meanwhile the 11-speed and 10-speed versions build on Deore’s mountain biking legacy, retaining technologies such as HG HYPERGLIDE shifting, 2-Way Release levers, Shimano Shadow RD+ derailleurs and I-SPEC EV handlebar controls to broaden the versatility of this value-focused group.

The Deore M6100 series (12-speed) features a single-only (1×12) configuration for drivetrain simplicity, the same Dynamic Chain Engagement+ tech as XTRA, Deore XT and SLX cranksets which, with its narrow/wide tooth profile, provides the key to the improved chain retention, smoothness and quietness of the drivetrain. For secure and fast mounting of the chainring, the crank is equipped with a direct mount system, making chainring changes simpler.

Options include the choice between 170mm or 175mm crank arm lengths, 30T or 32T chainrings (although there is full compatibility between smaller or larger chainrings at SLX, XT and XTR level), or the choice between three different Q-factors (stance widths), 172mm (for an O.L.D. of 142/148mm), 178mm (O.L.D. 148mm) or 181mm (O.L.D. 157mm). Two alternative non-series SHIMANO DEORE-level cranksets are also available, the FC-MT511-1 (30T, 32T) and the FC-MT510-1 (30T, 32T, 34T).

Shimano’s largest e-Bike batteries boost ride capacity

Shimano has introduced three new e-bike batteries into its SHIMANO STEPS line-up including internal and external versions of its 630Wh largest capacity batteries for even longer rides.

The high-performance BT-E8036 becomes Shimano’s largest integrated battery with a range-expanding 630Wh capacity.

The BT-E8035-L integrated battery has the same dimensions but comes with a smaller 504Wh capacity and a faster 4-hour charging time (80% charge in 2.5 hours).

As well as the two downtube integrated options, the new 630Wh BT-E8016 becomes Shimano’s largest external battery, coming with a new fitting port, the BM-E8016 battery mount.

Much like other SHIMANO STEPS batteries, the new BT-E8036, BT-E8035-L and BT-E8016 offer a long lifetime. Even after 1,000 full charge cycles (which would take 19 years of once a week charges to reach, Shimano says) the new batteries will still hold 60% of their capacity.

With these new SHIMANO STEPS additions, customers now have the choice of 10 batteries with either rear carrier, external type or downtube-integrated positions and faster-charging 418Wh or 504Wh batteries or extended riding capacity 630Wh options.

E-bike cranksets receive an addition with a new 12-speed chainring compatible with 157mm O.L.D. hubs. The SM-CRE80-12-SB chainring comes in 34T or 36T options, both with DYNAMIC CHAIN ENGAGEMENT+ teeth to prevent the possibility of dropping a chain.

There’s a new cycle computer display accompanying it too, set to make handlebar set ups even cleaner. The new SC-E5000 unified cycle computer display comes with integrated switches for ramping up or down the SHIMANO STEPS assist level. Additional buttons allow for connected lights to be switched on/off and for accessing display menus. The SC-E5000 computer is compatible with existing SHIMANO STEPS system, allowing consumers to upgrade their existing e-bikes.

All new SHIMANO STEPS products are expected on the market in summer 2020. Please contact local distributors for pricing and detailed availability

New Shimano MTB components for high-end and entry levels

Finally, there’s 157mm O.L.D. cranksets, 12-speed MICROSPLINE wheels/hubs, flat-mount MTB brakes, plus new ALIVIO and TOURNEY components set for release.

New 12-speed cranksets

To provide an ideal chain line for 157mm O.L.D. rear hubs Shimano is introducing a new front crank. The XTR FC-M9130-1 1×12 crank runs on a wider 56.5mm chain line meaning that it can accommodate wider tyres and it has a Q-factor of 171mm, which brings a more stable stance position. The FC-M9130-1 is a lightweight, direct mount Hollowtech II crankset with Dynamic Chain Engagement+ chainrings for excellent chain engagement and retention.

A new 12-speed double (2×12) crankset will also be available in 2020. The DEORE-level direct mount FC-MT610-2/B2 comes with 36-26T chainrings, an O.L.D. rear hub spacing of 142mm or 148mm and crank arm lengths of 170mm or 175mm.

These new additions will give consumers and manufacturers the choice of 22 different 12-speed crankset offerings from Shimano. That’s fourteen 1×12 cranksets (three each from XTR, DEORE XT, SLX and DEORE, plus two non-series options) and eight 2×12 cranksets (two each from XTR to SLX and again two non-series options).

Hubs and wheels

Much like the expansion of Shimano’s 12-speed crankset line-up, the 12-speed hub and wheel line-up also expands. A new MICROSPLINE tubeless aluminium wheelset (WH-MT601) at DEORE level brings 29” or 27.5” options in 100/142mm or 110/148mm spacings (weight for 29” wheelset with 148mm O.L.D. spacing: 2230g). Meanwhile two new entry-level steel MICROSPLINE hubs are available. The MT410 comes with 142 or 148mm O.L.D. spacing with E-THRU axles or the MT401 comes with 135 or 141mm O.L.D. spacing with QR axles. All hub options have 28H, 32H or 36H options

These new additions mean that there are now five complete 12-speed wheel options available from Shimano (from DEORE XT wheels and the new WH-MT601 option) and nine 12-speed MICROSPLINE hub options (from XTR-level hubs to the new MT401 option).

Flat-mount XTR, DEORE XT and SLX MTB brakes

Next up are three flat mount 2-piston disc brake calipers designed for cross-country riding. These are introduced to take account of new chainstay designs from manufacturers and offer the same braking power as their post-mount 2-piston XC equivalents. XTR (BR-M9110), DEORE XT (BR-M8110) and SLX (BR-M7110) versions have all been introduced which can take resin or metal pads, with or without fins. The XTR versions are available for 140mm and 160mm rotors whilst the DEORE XT and SLX versions can take up to 180mm rotors.

New ALIVIO & TOURNEY components

Commonly spec’d on entry level mountain bikes and urban bikes, ALIVIO and TOURNEY stand for no-nonsense components that do a decent job of providing long-lasting reliability.

The new ALIVIO M3100 series still comes in a 2×9-speed or 3×9-speed variation with new shifters, derailleurs and chainrings featuring technologies such as SHIMANO SHADOW RD positioning on derailleurs, shifters with 2-WAY RELEASE, RAPIDFIRE PLUS MONO levers and optical gear displays, plus drivetrains with HG HYPERGLIDE to improve the smoothness of gear changes

New TOURNEY components come in 3×7-speed or 3×6-speed variations with new REVOSHIFT shifters, new freewheels with better corrosion resistance and new sporty looking derailleurs with SIS Index shifting and solid shifting performance with a broad combination of gear options (either 12-28/32 or 14-28/34).

All components are expected to be available via bicycle retailers from July onwards.