Singapore introduces compulsory registration of electric bikes

Beginning on August 14th Singapore’s Land Transport Authority will introduce compulsory registration of power-assisted bicycles.

The announcement goes against the grain of positive headlines for active mobility in which the region has outlined plans for extensive cycling infrastructure and introduced a law to require building developers to cater for cycling for transport.

Back in 2016 the local Active Mobility Panel outlined that registration should be required in order to enable enforcement of laws on dangerous riding and to keep tabs on illegal modification to enhance an electric bikes power output.

Singapore citizens will now have until January 31st,2018 to complete a registration and add a number plate. Those that fail to do so will be committing an offence if found to be using the e-bikes in public. This will be punishable with up to a S$2,000 fine and up to three months jail time at first offence. Bikes without a number plate will be fined at S$1,000 and up to three months in jail.

Those registering and obtaining the ‘orange seal’ of approval before August 14th will be entitled to do so without paying the S$50 registration fee. Registration can be made here or at local SingPost branches.

Electric bike owners must also be of at least 16 years of age under local laws.

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