Sixth Triathlon industry study shows “a corner turned” for optimism

Triathlon Business International’s sixth annual confidence study of the market has shown interest in the segment to be returning.

Conducted by Multisport Research on behalf of the Triathlon organisation, the dataset has shown index scores “notably higher in a number of areas.” These ranged conditions for trade, consumer demand, prices in the market and the sport’s growth in general.

“TBI’s sixth annual industry confidence study appears to show the multisport industry turning a corner,” said Gary Roethenbaugh of MultiSport Research. “While some challenges do prevail around areas such as profitability, having five out of nine positive categories is certainly encouraging.”

On the rate of participation, the mood music has improved by eight points against last year’s response, delivering an index score of 109.0 against the 2015 baseline.

In response to that demand, businesses are noting consumers warming up to purchasing again, according to the data. Following last year’s return to positivity, this year’s data confirms the trend, indexing at 109.2.

Conditions for business subsequently rank top in the 2020 study having been steadily been picking up over the past two years. The index score came in at 111.3.

The TBI Confidence Study first took place in 2015, providing a baseline for data gathered since. Respondents include a wide-range of professionals spanning everything form retail through manufacturing, coaching and event organisers with an overview of participation.

Nine topics are covered within the report, which was conducted in the USA and is available to purchase in full. These topics include:

  • Household finances
  • Growth of Triathlon
  • Pricing
  • Staffing
  • Annual Profits
  • Customer Demand
  • Business Conditions
  • Background US economic conditions
  • Competition

“The results of this year’s survey are in line with the conversations heard at the inaugural Endurance Exchange business conference in Tempe,” said Dan Empfield, President of TBI and Publisher of “Following a lacklustre period in previous years, the industry mood feels more vibrant, with growth opportunities in a number of areas across our sport.”


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