Specialized launches new Turbo Levo e-MTB

Specialized has launched the new Turbo Levo e-MTB: a ground-up redesign of its predecessor.

The new Turbo Levo features an all-new chassis, motor, and battery to make it lighter, slimmer and stiffer than the first version of the e-MTB.

The e-MTB’s new frame is stiffer, stronger and lighter due to Specialized’s disregard of the motor mount, instead designing the frame and motor to be directly compatible. This shed 400g from the overall weight as well as an additional 400g from the new 15% smaller motor. Specialized has been working closely with Brose to build the new 250w motor, which has a magnesium coating that makes it both light and strong.

There are three types of frame available: The S-Works model is made of Fact 11m carbon fibre, the Expert and Comp Carbon has a Fact 9m mainframe with M5 alloy rear stays, and the Levo Comp and Levo come with a full M5 Premium alloy frame.

The Turbo Levo’s batteries have been redesigned and are now longer, allowing them to be tucked away in the downtube to reduce its diameter, while battery capacity has increased by 40%. There are two types of battery available for the Levo: the S-Works and Expert models both feature a 700Wh edition, with other models sporting a 500Wh battery.

An extra feature of the new Levo is the addition of a bar-mounted control unit that allows the rider to switch between support modes: Eco, Trail and Turbo, as well as activate a new walk mode. Specialized also offers a TCU display as an aftermarket device, which acts as an information unit displaying battery percentage, wattage from rider input, heart and top speed.

There are seven models in the new Levo range, including two women’s specific frames with same geometry but different touch points. The S-Works model retails for £9,999, while the Expert model is priced at £7,250. The Comp Carbon model will cost £5,999, with the women’s Comp version priced at £4,999. The Base model retails at £4,999 with the women’s Base model priced at £4,000.

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