Speed pedelec rider pulled off the roads by Guernsey police

The Guernsey Press is reporting an unprecedented case where a rider of a speed pedelec has been pulled from the road having twice been caught riding without insurance.

When police tested the speed e-Bike, owned by a David Hutchinson, they discovered a top speed of 33 mph, placing it firmly in the same legal category as mopeds. These of course require a moped-standard helmet, insurance registration, a licence and many other documents unrequired by standard electric bike users.

As yet it is unclear what fines and punishment Hutchinson will face, but it will presumably fall in line with the very same handed out to moped riders lacking the necessary documentation and protection.

Riese & Müller’s Dan Jones explained in detail the law relating to speed pedelecs and a retailers position when it comes to the sale of such bikes – and indeed the complications that businesses can run into when de-restricting electric bikes with ‘dongles’.

Catch that piece in full here.