Stompump goes from kickstarter to Sea Otter in 12 months

Stompump Tyre Inflator is a compact, stowable foot pump promising to pump tyres three times faster than a typical handpump and it’s being showcased at Sea Otter 2019 this week, on booth G55.

Optimised for medium pressure on high-volume tyres, Stompump was created by Woody Tate and Battlebots creator Reason Bradley. Available initially through Kickstarter, where it smashed its modest £10,500 target by attracting in excess of $70,000 investment, the product is now looking to attract bike dealers and distributors.

Tate explained the genesis of the product: “We were tired of using hand pumps and co2s when inflating our gravel and mountain bike tires. Stompump is a bike tire pump that is operated using your foot. It can pump up a tire 3X faster than a typical handpump. The Stompump Frame Dock fits on existing water bottle cage bosses or can be strapped to the frame. The pump is half the size of a can of soda and weighs 185 grams. MSRP is $99.95 and available now.”

There are more details available via